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#Fishfam Youtube Community is a large fish keeping, shrimp keeping, and aquatic plant keeping, and merchandise place to help support those that have their own business and/or website. I have desired to be a Resource Area where we can come and network among ourselves and help their business and fishrooms grow and stay in existance.
*If you choose to purchase from either of these businesses, SLC Aquatics is not liable or receiving compensation to list their business here. 


Alabama Aquarium & Pond Service

For over 30 years, Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services has been providing comprehensive aquarium, pond, and lake services to our clients across the state of Alabama. As the premier service provider in Central Alabama, we specialize in aquariums, water gardens, fountains, and lake management. From the smallest desktop nano tanks to some of the largest lakes in the Southeast, no job is too big or too small for us.


Located in: Greystone Park
Address: 5511 US-280 #310, Birmingham, AL 35242
Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 12PM Fri
Health & safety: Mask required · More details
Phone: (205) 874-9526

Fish Haven Cullman, AL

Fish Haven specializes in freshwater tropical fish and carries 80+ different species across 65 tanks.

Ed's Pet World

Ed’s Pet World is a family owned pet store located in downtown Homewood, Alabama. We have served local pet owners and enthusiasts for 37 years. Come check out our wonderful selection of exotic pets and colorful fish for both salt and fresh water aquariums. At our pet store, you will experience professional, friendly customer service. We help you with choosing a pet, equipment, setup, and offer ongoing instruction for proper care.

North Alabama Aquarium Society

finding like minded hobbyiest that would like to trade stories, experience fry and fish in the north alabama area, huntsville, harvest, athens, decatur, madison, and surrounding areas.

Central Alabama Aquarium Society

Hey everybody I have created this group for fellow fish hobbyist in the central alabama area ! As of now we do not have any groups specifically targeted for our area. I started this group in hopes that I can connect fellow hobbyist for sales or trade and for help or advice with all things involved with the fish keeping hobby. Please share with fellow hobbyist in the area ! Thank you for your support !

Greater Birmingham Aquarium Society

Birmingham Aquarium Club’s purpose is to create a community in which people can buy, sell, trade, and talk aquarium with those in and around the Birmingham, Alabama area.


I have planted the seed and water it daily. Giving it what it needs, it’s now up to you to help grow the community. FishFam isn’t just videos or a website. It’s a group of people with common hobbies and interests. was designed to bring all those people, videos, websites, social media, stores, and more into one place making it easier to find what you’re looking for and discover more.

No more fragmentation, no more endless searching, no more stress in finding what you’re looking for. With one website you can find that video, find that creator, find that store, find that merchandise, that TikTok, that Instagram, that website, each creator, event, show, and group has all their connections in one place.

Here’s how you can help. Make sure the Aquatic, Reptile, or Plantlife creator, event, or swap is listed at if it’s not, let me know. Make sure all their links are listed on their profile or page. If you are the creator you’ll soon be able to claim and manage your own profile which will be a huge added benefit.

Next, if you have a website, YouTube or other social media make sure you’re linking back to your profile at or someone else’s profile at You can also link to Events, Live Streams, the Calendar, or anything on the website. Each of these links to the site helps others to find out about the website.

Finally, get involved. I have so much planned for the website to improve. Everything I do is “how I see it”. The website is for you. So in order for me to make it better for you, I have to know what you would like to see. What would make it easier or more beneficial to you? In addition to corrections and additions, you must send me feedback. Together we can really grow the FishFam and

Click Here
All Things Aquatic in Alabama
Punchie Paints
Cold Water Aquatics
Daniken Aquatics

Aquarium Coop

At Aquarium Co-Op we focus on your aquariums. We specialize in aquatic plants, freshwater tropical fish and the over all betterment of the freshwater fish keeping hobby.

Our online store offers a one stop shop fulfilling the needs of a beginner to an advanced hobbyist.

Life with Pets

We strive to make and bring the best products to the fish community. We provide for all your fishes needs but especially for theBetta Fish. We are well known for our Betta Fish tank dividers!

Steenfott Aquatics

Bob of Steenfott Aquatics has begun selling fish and merchandise on his new website from his new fishroom. He is excited about what he does and how he can make some of the most desired species available for you. Check out the website and place your order today!

Exstream Aquatix

Dedicated to creating a sustainable hobby. We collect / breed / propagate / and sell rare and unusual aquarium species. Marine and Freshwater.

Everything Aquatic

Everything Aquatic is a resource site with a focus on aquatic life forms. We are a place to share and learn about a wide variety of aquatic life from freshwater fish and invertebrates to planted tropical tanks to saltwater fish and reef care.

Father Fish

A wonderful place for a visit or to grow your hobby. Tropical fish from around the world are kept in their natural environment. Learn to do this at home!

Get Gills

Get Gills LLC (“Get Gills”) is a limited liability corporation located in the state of Wyoming.

Swiss Aquatics

Swiss Aquatics, your home for aquatic art, shrimp, supplies, food and more!
Priscilla MK Art and Swiss Aquatics

Shrimp Envy

Shrimp Envy offers a great selection of all natural food and treat products for your shrimp. 

Flip Aquatics

Our number one goal as Flip Aquatics is to build this hobby and grow it. In order to do this, it means taking risks and doing things that have never been done. Our first way of doing this is by having a 30 day quarantine process for all livestock

KJE Aquatics

Here at KJE we strive to bring you the very best products for your aquarium hobby

J. Olivers guppies & aquatics

Hey fish family! Hope everyone is doing well. I am first and foremost a hobbyists at heart! I absolutely love the aquarium hobby. I have evolved the hobby into a full time business. Breed and import tens of thousands of fish and sell them through the BAND app to anyone within the United States. Thank you for hanging out and showing me such amazing support. You guys are amazing! For more information please feel free to contact me through my Facebook group or BAND group.

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When I decided to have a website, I decided I didn’t want a store or just advertisement for myself. I am what my #fishfam community on YouTube has created me to be. I am a ‘mom’ to the community in different ways to different people. I am a giver, but I have limited resources. Here, I can share information about others in order to spread the news.

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