About Me

Hi, my name is Susan….

I am a Freshwater Fish Keeper and part of the #fishfam YouTube Community. I love the Lord with all my heart and have seen His hand in All Things Great and Small. I am Raising Guppies and Peppered Corydoras. I’ve had yoyo loaches, neon tetras, bosmani rainbows, dennison barbs also known as roseline sharks, a common pleco, different species of guorami, a paradise fish, ghost shrimp, and cherry shrimp, blue dreams, and  black rose shrimp and white saddleback shrimp. Right now I have melon barbs (semi-aggressive), albino BN plecos, one skunk cory, peppered cory, albino cory, and bronze corys.  I’ve had some Mystery snails and always have Ramshorn snails. I have had 6 Bettas that I acquired under the Challenge ,#OPERATION BETTA RESCUE.  I have several tanks (14) of different sizes and live aquatic plants in all of them.  I am not an expert on the subject of fancy guppies or corydora catfish, but have over 9 years of experience and I wish to share with you some of my mistakes I’ve made and what I have learned from them. From time to time, I will be sharing my husbands hobbies too. He has recently added two aquariums to his “Man Room” and he takes care of them and wants to learn how to maintenance them properly. He does a better job than me many times. LOL!

I hope you enjoy my website and live YouTube events that I have from time to time. I look forward to seeing you.

-Susan for SLC Aquatics (2015-2024)