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February Issue Vol. 1


Seeing our Fish More Clearly and Understanding the Basics & Complexities of the Hobby. 

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Hi, My name is Susan, and I am so glad that you have been reading this newsletter. Our Community has been busy writing, researching, and sharing the information with you. Many of the authors are from right here within the #FishFam Community.

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Fin Damage – Is it Fin Rot?

Fin Damage – Is it Fin Rot? submitted by Dena Edwards Everything Aquatic Published 20 March 2022 www.fishcures.com There has been a significant increase in questions recently regarding fin rot. About 95% of the time, if not more, it is not rot. So, how to you know...

The Role Bacteria Plays in Keeping a Balanced Aquarium

The Role Bacteria Plays in Keeping a Balanced Aquarium submitted by Bob Steenfott Feb. 13, 2023 Bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy freshwater aquarium. In this article, we will explore the various functions of bacteria in an aquarium, the types of...

Rasbora Fish: A Comprehensive Guide

Rasbora Fish: A Comprehensive Guide submitted by Bob Steenfott March 14, 2023 Rasboras are a diverse and beautiful group of freshwater fish that are popular among hobbyists for their striking colors and ease of care. These small, peaceful fish can add a pop of color...

I set Up a 40 Breeder!

Submitted by Susan Core SLC Aquatics January 2023 As time went by, I sold my large 55 gallon, 20 L, 29 Gallon and a few 10's. I wanted to downsize the fishroom because I was having a difficult time with the upkeep of the tanks and keeping live stock alive. I sold alot...

Should Medications Be Your First Line of Defense?

I am aware that many fish-keepers use medications as a preventative measure; however, most medications are not intended for such use.

Attending a Tropical Fish Auction

Best thing when buying or bidding on fish is to get there during the
previewing time.

Fish Acclimation Guide

Because my water pH runs low I have had to make some drastic decisions to save the fish. Most shipments take 4-8 hours to acclimate to my lower pH level. Dropping pH for 7.8 to 6.6 is not an easy or quick process. Once when fish arrived in pH over 8.0 with 1.5 PPM

Betta Sororities

submitted by Lefty3213a Jan.11,2022 "I want to look at a tank set up that I loved doing myself and one that became extremely popular in the hobby over the last 18months to 2 years at least that’s what I’ve seen that’s when they grew in popularity. That tank set up is...

Give the Oceans a Hand by Shopping Secondhand

Give the Oceans a Hand by Shopping Secondhand submitted by Sophie Letts Everything humans do affects the world’s oceans. Sometimes our actions have an indirect impact, such as the case with chemical runoff from landfills. Other times, our irresponsibility causes...

Aquatics Plants

Originally Posted by Yorkie 10-19-2020 ref. Diana Walstad In her book, Ecology of the Planted Aquarium (Chapter 7), Diana Walstad talks about the use of aquarium plants to take up ammonium from the water. Section 4 within this chapter is entitled "Plants and...

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Ken Edwards is a hobbyist and fish enthusiast. He started keeping fish at the age of ten and developed a passion for African Cichlids while serving in the United States Marine Corp. Ken has actively kept African Cichlids for 30+ years. He is currently sharing his passion of the fish-keeping hobby with others through his participation in the Greater Portland Aquarium Society. He has a growing community of followers to his and his wife’s YouTube channel, Daniken Aquatics, that he also uses to share his love of fish.

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From Dustin:

I have a BUNCH of Aquarium Plants that I would like to share!

The bulk, I believe, is Hornwort, which is THRIVING in 3 of my tanks, since I stabilized my last round of pH/Ammonia cycle problems.

The other is a type of Water Lettuce — The 4 “parent” plants were roughly 2″ balls that sat on top of the water, with the roots hanging down. I thought they had all died out, but now my surface is covered by plenty new/baby plants. I also see a little bit of duckweed in there.

I should mention: I have little freshwater snails (they came with the plants from the pond outside where I collected the original plants). They are not a nuisance to me, but they seem very prolific, and I figure it is likely they could stow-away on the plants through the mail.

If you are interested in any of these plants from Dustin, be sure to Click the Button Below to Paypal and in the order description let him know what you are ordering. Thank you in advance. Send $5.00 for shipping.

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