Why Keep Rare & Extinct Fish?

Why Keep Rare or Extinct Fish?
submitted by Skull Aquatics
October 2021

After being in the hobby for over 30 years I was looking for a new challenge. Having kept and bred all sorts of tropical fish, a large reef tank and outdoor pond I needed to find something to keep the hobby interesting.
Having heard of the C.A.R.E.S program years ago and looking into it- I thought why not? Helping to save a species from extinction would be great and a chance to spread them to others in the hobby. After contacting the state fish and game department and getting nowhere with keeping local endangered species, I started looking on YouTube.
I stumbled on Greg Sage from Select Aquatics. His website is packed with tons of information for all fish keepers whether you want to keep rare fish or not. The hook that got me is the letter to the public on his homepage. The letter explains the importance of keeping the extinct or endangered species a lot better than I ever could. I would encourage everyone to read this letter for themselves and decide.
Initially starting with 2 species I picked up from Greg’s house (I am lucky to be able to drive there and back in a day). I was quickly hooked on watching them grow and get their personalities and adult coloration. They have personality, breeding colors and habits to match any other tropical fish. A fun fact most do not know is Goodeid babies are the only fish that the young are born with an umbilical cord.
The current fish room has 4 species in 20 tanks, and I am now onto the F3 generation. There is 1 more species that I am currently looking for now. This is the challenge I needed to keep the hobby fresh and exciting.
Having kept a few species successfully I would like to now help spread them through the hobby for others to enjoy. Look for rare species at auctions or online. Keep 1 tank to start with and you will be quickly hooked. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information on what I currently am working with and starting to ship to a few select hobbyists.
Please go to Selectaquatics.com and enjoy all the articles and knowledge. Greg also has a YouTube channel (Select Aquatics).