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July 2020

I have been asked many times and so have many others what got them into the hobby. Well mine is a little different since my cousin has been involved with Orcas ever since the first one was ever kept in captivity. It was back in 1964 in the month of July that a television broadcast out of Vancouver had released footage of the first ever Killer Whale is in captivity and being under creative commons a link that includes that footage is in this article.

I was 7 years of age back then and my parents had their holidays in August that year so it was let us go to the Vancouver Aquarium to see this mammal that lives in our oceans and generally throughout my early years we would visit Vancouver quite often.

The first time however was special looking at all the interesting freshwater and saltwater displays that ranged from Discus with Cardinal Tetras to that of the Native fish including the wolf eel that inhabit the Pacific Ocean. I was totally amazed at the diversity of aquatic life forms but what really made me hooked on aquatic life was the Orca whale. Moby Bell was huge but was a very graceful swimmer that I basically stood there with my mouth open in amazement. I wanted her.. and what made me want her was my cousin said come here you want to feed her. I stated yes so he handed me this fish and just whistled to her like a trained dog. She swam up to the enclosure edge and opened her mouth and my cousin said pet her tongue at that moment I was sold on the idea of having fish and bothered my parents for months after to have an aquarium by Christmas time.

Needless to say my father explained that we did not have room to keep a pool large enough to house an Orca but I got my aquarium and got involved with fish keeping as well as joining the local Calgary Aquarium Society In which throughout time I have been on the board of directors.


The rest of the article is on a video that has to do with two endangered populations (races) of Orcas that can be found on this video that I have done for the Boston Aquarium Society education committee.

A Look At Aquatics Orca Whales on BBC One Full Presentation