Photo by Okanagan Lake in British Columbia Canada
Submitted by Chewy Ltd.
July 7, 2019

Why invasive and exotic species are not really the responsibility to show blame to for exotic species being put into waterways. Well I would like to thank Susan for asking me to do an article for her website.When you study fish and their natural habitats throughout the time period of the hobby you would realize issues dealing with introductions done by the government officials world wide. I am sure that those involved with the Introduction of the Nile Perch and what it caused in regards to so many Lake Victoria Cichlids going extinct and endangered which are part of the hobby involving the species maintenance program known as C.A.R.E.S. that has been covered by many of the great speakers in the hobby such as Greg Steeves and Lawrence Kent who at the time that I am writing this article is going to be at the American Cichlid Association Convention on July 18th – 21st that is being promoted by King And Queen Cichlids channel on Youtube.

However is some of these issues of invasions correctable by the Tropical Fish Hobby or companies involved in the hobby. This topic I would like to cover just from the basics of what we in the aquarium hobby use in our fish rooms and that is frozen Mysis Shrimp. Yes the simple Mysis Shrimp is an invasive species that was introduced in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia Canada. It has affected the fishing in the lake so many people that live in the area worried about Mysis Shrimp that some societies tookit upon themselves to worry about this situation to notify people about this horrible problem. One such group is the
Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society and I suggest for more information go to the following URL.

Mysis Shrimp

Now many different people may not know about this at the time in the aquarium world but those that like sport fishing for trout were beginning to wonder what was happening to the stocks of fish that were suppose to naturally be raised in that lake. Turns out that these species do not go down to the bottom of the lake to feed on Mysis shrimp and they were out competing the salmon species fry for their natural food. So a company was hired for the removal of these shrimp originally owned by some people in Canada who basically sold the operation to Piscine Energetics. I am very pleased to announce that I got permission from my friend professional TV News broadcaster and Tropical Fish Hobbyist John Carlin at fincasters for the permission of using his video and interview with his guest from Piscine Energetics, makers of PE Mysis aquarium fish food, harvest the shrimp from lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. The patented harvest method removes the shrimp, which are an invasive species, from the lake without damaging native landlocked salmon stocks.

In Closing I will say this. Now then I know that some people in Florida go out and catch live exotic aquarium species and put them in their aquariums and some even sell on YouTube there are issues of pathogens and properly quarantining these fish but how do you think that the hobby could become more involved in learning about invasive and exotic species and how could the hobby benefit? Are people getting the factors of not letting out species from their aquariums into other ecosystems or have they gotten there by other means? And how can the hobby maybe get involved in helping to eradicate invasive species in your country?