This interview with Caleb is in relation to a follow up of the September #FishFam Community Newsletter. This video shows how much knowledge there is in these newsletters that is given out and the more people that know about that the better for the industry. This young man could give talks because we used to do them at our local Aquarium Clubs- a shame that he does not have a club near him.
This is an invitation to others to help educate young fish keepers to write articles for this Community Newsletter. Many of the questions were directed from Chewy Ltd in relation to the articles included in the September Newsletter and many other community members that joined us live that night.
Below is the link to the livestream hosted by Susan for SLC Aquatics and the wonderful #FishFam Community. He was able to experience some of the wonderful personalities and with this interview he was able to start thinking about how he could help shape this fish keeping hobby and all of it’s wonderful opportunities.

Caleb Aquatics
About Him:
I’m a local fish seller/breeder in the South Dakota area.
My YouTube channel is Caleb Aquatics