When the Time Comes…

When the Time Comes…

Submitted by Susan Core
May 2020

WHEN THE TIME COMES… to close the fish room.
The Struggles in closing a Fish room
Sometimes there comes a time in our life that we have to weigh our priorities and make difficult decisions.
Susan shares some of her sorrows and blessings that came from her changes.

First of all, the decision making process.
1. Weighing Priorities
2. Purpose out ways desire
3. choosing to sell or give away
4. timeline
5. dealing with depression
6. making good choices

1. Family First. This is usually the way we go because our Priorities should be in order, but sometimes, they get out of wack! I am an all-In type of person that when I decide start a new project, that’s all I think about and dream about. I try to learn as I go and that will often put me in a predicament where I was not prepared for the long haul.
God, family, self, work. So where does a Hobby or Business fit? Gee, when researching Priorities, there were so many choices and different formats, I became Overwhelmed.
You have to choose what list fits your lifestyle and commitments.
As a christian, God must be first priority in my life, but there, I see variables. God is Love, so love life, first, but in loving Life, my priorities should be what produces life. Resources we need to sustain life, are physical. Air, water, food, health. What produces good Health? Mental outlook and physical provision: nourishment, rest, oxygen, water, exercise, sunlight, social engagements, and in my case, spiritual relationship with my God. I had no idea, I was going to go this way. If too heavy for you, disregard for your peace of mind. LOL.(What does Fish Keeping have to do with Faith?) Oh that’s another Topic! Haha, don’t worry, I’m not going there!
So as you see, Priorities will be individually designed. So choose what is important to you and do your best and get help when needed. 😀
2. Purpose will be determined and influenced by what your priorities are. In my case, I was asked to come help care for our aging mother. Priority in this case: Family. So I need to free my time and not put more on other family members, therefore, dismantling my hobby, the Fish Room. 🙁
3. Because of my financial need was going to increase due to travel and maybe temporary relocation, I needed to decide to sell my stock and maybe supplies as time goes.
Then researching what others were charging for species of fish, snails, and plants was another time consuming process of breaking down the fish room. Pride, and personal quality and worth came into play. Many told me I wasn’t charging enough and then some said, it’s worth it but I can’t afford that. So I began giving things away at the end. Time has changed things as well with world pandemic issues that has caused me to reconsider even opening a fish room again. But I can’t even shut down everything yet, emotionally holding on to fish and tanks and listening to the water movement in the empty tanks is comforting, but not really helping the situation. (frustration)
4. Timeline, was of the essence. THEN… COVID-19 STRUCK!!!! My timeline was pushed back and then staying home and job duties changed and depression hit with selling my fish, that I had grown attached to and cared for daily and the maintenance in the fish room fell to an alarming neglectful state. But guess what, everything is thriving and reproducing and reproducing. ugh, to a point of HELP! Panic, my blood pressure is rising and Oh well, I’ve gotten off coarse again! TimeLINE has been adjusted, my sibling is having to ask the other sibling to step up and help and mom has come to the conclusion that I will get there one day. Shaking my head and trying to come to terms with it and make plans to get back into the fish room and finish emptying tanks and cleaning equipment for the next hobbyist to enjoy.
5. Dealing with depression. well so far, I’ve been able to fake with many others and direct my mental concentration on what is at hand with my current job duties changing that has busied my daily schedule with video editing and broadcast programming and scheduling and training of others to do what I do. I Know this is not a Good practice when dealing with Depression. It is real, and it can take a toll on ones mind, and physical health if ignored. I have to take time to breathe and meditate on the goodness of the Lord and all He has created. I also take time to walk in the sunshine and eat well and rest. My personal study in God’s Word helps remind me, that I am not alone, my visits in the Live Streams with some of my Fish Family helps take my mind off of my concerns. I miss you all and hope to visit streams and watch videos to be with you. My depression does not need medication at this time, but I am aware that I should ask for help before it becomes more than I can handle. For now, I am able to pull myself up by the boot straps as we say, and relax and think on good things and appreciate life! Thank you for being there! You know who you are. 😀
6. Making Good Choices: Taking one day at a time, one project at a time, and disciplining my mind and thoughts to Not get Overwhelmed. I have taken care of some things concerning the Fish Room, and decided to do what I can when I can. I’m in the process of scheduling for a Covid-19 test to carry a medical paper with me when I travel to see my Mom. I plan a short visit for now to access the situation and help my sister make an educated decision concerning her long term care. I will finish breaking down the fish room and sell much of the tanks and equipment for local pick up for now. Over the last two months, I have found more strength mentally than I thought I had. Usually that happens for me under extreme pressure and purpose driven energy! My husband has been so supportive through this all, understanding the responsibility and love that life has for us.

In conclusion: Love of this Fish keeping Hobby will never leave me. I hope to continue to make contact with all of my beautiful #FishFam and will continue to share with you of my life experiences as long as you want to hear them. This is not Good Bye, but See you Later! I love you <3. -Susan for SLC Aquatics #fishfammom "Touching Lives One Fish at a Time"