submitted Nov. 2020 by Sophie Letts
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There’s so much talk about physical health this year, but it’s essential to remember that your mental health matters too. In fact, your mental health should be a major priority during times of crisis and uncertainty. So, consider the following resources to help you take better care of your mental health, without putting your safety at risk.

Reach Out to Your Network for Support
It’s especially important for women to stay connected to their support systems right now.

● No, you’re not imagining it: women are more stressed during the pandemic.
● Don’t let social-distancing keep you from staying connected to support.
Social media can also provide an avenue for support when used wisely.
● Make sure you have a speedy and reliable internet connection even if you live in a rural area.
● As a backup, know where to turn in the event of an emotional crisis.

Take Care of Your Physical Well-Being
Physical wellness can impact mental health, so it’s crucial to take care of both.

Food impacts your brain in different ways, including regulating your mood.
● In fact, certain healthy foods may help you fight feelings of depression.
● Make a point to get regular exercise to help lift your spirits and your health.
Online yoga can provide a safe and gentle way to be more active from home.

Soothe Your Anxieties About Finances
Financial stress is also common right now, but there are steps you can take to improve it.

● Know that financial assistance is available if you need it.
● Even so, trimming your budget is always a smart move during a crisis.
● You can also cut down on money worries by using a budgeting app.
● Relieve stress and negative thinking by decluttering and cleaning your home.
● Research has shown that viewing fish in aquariums can boost well-being.
● A new hobby can also help you cope with stress.
● But there are plenty of free mental health resources available as well.
It’s important to follow guidelines in order to keep yourself, your loved ones and your communitysafe. It’s equally important, however, that you don’t forget about your emotional well-being in the process. So reach out to your friends, reach out to a professional and reach out for the resources you need to protect your mental health.

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