About Me

Hi, my name is Susan….

I am a Freshwater Fish Keeper and part of the #fishfam YouTube Community. I love the Lord with all my heart and have seen His hand in All Things Great and Small. I am Raising Guppies and Peppered Corydoras. I also have some Mystery and Ramshorn snails. I have 6 Bettas I acquired under the Challenge ,#OPERATION BETTA RESCUE.  I have several tanks (11+) of different sizes and planted in all of them. I have a Self Cloning Crayfish. I am not an expert on the subject of fancy guppies or corydora catfish, but have several years of experience and I wish to share with you some of my mistakes and what I have learned from them. From time to time, I will be sharing my husbands hobbies too. Classic Cars and Hot Rods. He also loves Car Audio and Woofers ( Large Bass Speakers. LOL)

I hope you enjoy my website and live events that I have from time to time. I look forward to seeing you.

-Susan for SLC Aquatics (2015)